4-H Project Selection

It's time to select your 4-H projects for this year's club work and county fair participation! To help you select the project(s) you may be interested in, think about the below questions:

  • What things do you like to do for fun?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What would you like to learn to do?
  • What knowledge and/or skills do you already have in a project area?
  • Are there any special needs/items that are required to be able to complete the project?
    • Space: Including considerations for livestock, animal, and plant projects
    • Equipment: Including special equipment, what you currently have, what you may need to purchase, etc.
    • Time Frame: Some projects are multiple-year projects, others have activities spread over several months, and some can be completed in a few short weeks or days.
    • Materials/Supplies: Including quantities, costs, etc. 
    • Other People Involved: Some projects require group activities, presentations, mentors, etc.
  • How much time do you have to spend on a 4-H project each week/month?
  • What adult/teen do you know that can help you with your project?
  • How many 4-H projects can you realistically complete in a year? (A good rule of thumb is approximately one project for each year that you’ve been in 4-H.)

Want an easy to refer to list of all projects? Click here to view the 2024 Handy Project List!

2024 Family Guide

This is your place to connect to our entire collection of Ohio 4-H project books for the year. Each project book contains information and activities for members to explore as an organized group project or at home under the guidance of a parent or interested adult. When choosing a project, consider your interests, background, what is necessary to start the project, and the resources available to help you complete it. 

Cover of the 2024 Family Guide showing artwork from new projects

Ohio residents can order project books and other publications described in the Family Guide through our office. Out-of-state residents or Ohio residents who want to buy online can go directly to extensionpublications.osu.edu.

Click the above picture to download the 2024 Family Guide or try the flip book version

2024 Project Requirement Guides

Click here for a complete list of general project requirements, listed by project. For more detailed information about your project and evaluation, click on the project below.  

Coming soon!

Self-Determined Projects

If you're a 4-H member with a great project idea of your own or someone who is ready to go beyond a current project book, consider doing a self-determined project. Use the Self-Determined Project Guide to describe your project, set goals, and record your activities.

Prefer to type? Download and save this Self-Determined Project Guide fillable form.

Self-determined projects may be repeated if new areas of interest, learning experiences, and leadership/citizenship activities are selected.

Find More Information and Idea Starters Here!