About Meigs County

Welcome to OSU Extension in Meigs County!


Ohio State University Extension Is...

  • An education-driven organization that enhances human capital and promotes lifelong learning in the state.
  • A dissememinator of the latest research and technologies to increase productivity and expand the state's economic base.
  • A statewide network - with a presence in every county - that links communities, business and the general population to intensive research and devlopment resources of Ohio State.

Practical. Our programs address your needs with practical solutions to current issues.

Personal. Our staff and volunteers conect with you through one-on-one sessions, meetings, demonstrations, and informal instruction

Unbiased. Our programs are objective and research-baed; non-political; and holistic in addressing problems and solutions.

Flexible. Extension staff adjust programs and subject matter to meet emerging needs and unexpected changes at the local level.

Community Based. Our huge volunteer base multiplies the impact for our Extension professional staff in your own neighborhood.

Outreaching. We take the resources, teaching, and research of The Ohio State University and make them available to you, your family and your neighbors.

Collaborative. We collaborate within Ohio State and with other universities, government agencies at all levels and other organizations to provide the best service to you.

Cooperative. Federal, state and local governments believe in our mission and share in our financial support and programming direction.

Diversified. Our proactive programming reaches across personal backgrounds, disciplines, specializations, geographical boundaries, institutions and states.

Economically Minded. Our programs are economic engines for Ohio. We enhance economic development, community awareness and workforce skills.

About OSU Extension

Since 1914, Extension has been helping all Ohioans build better lives, better businesses and better communities.

Ohio State University Extension brings the knowledge of the university directly to you. We fulfill the land-grant mission of The Ohio State University by interpreting knowledge and research developed by Extension and other faculty and staff at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State main campus, and other land-grant universities – so Ohioans can use the scientifically-based information to better their lives, businesses and communities.

The Extension system is the world’s largest non-formal educational system. Extension programs address the needs of the local community while also addressing state, national, and global issues. Our practical educational programs combine the needs of local citizens and communities with new research and technical information.

No matter which county you visit, you can find people who are helped by the four major OSU Extension program areas: family and consumer sciences, 4-H youth development, community development, and agriculture and natural resources. These program areas – and many other special topics – are continuously evaluated and updated to meet the changing needs and issues facing each community. Extension provides practical advice, sensible solutions, and realistic down-to-earth answers for ALL Ohioans.

OSU Extension…

Our vision: Ohioans have the knowledge and resources they need to actively engage in creating conditions in which they thrive.

Our mission: We create opportunities for people to explore how science-based knowledge can improve social, economic, and environmental conditions.